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In the first episode of NuDreem with Reem, I am explaining the power of love. You will listen to how effective it is to spread the vibrations of love instead of the negative emotions that capture us today and spread rapidly around the world.

Hello everyone, welcome to NuDreem With Reem!

It is officially my new episode, and I am super-duper excited. I thought what will be the best topic to start our podcast word, when I get to my mind, what could be more important than love?

Let’s talk about love and this topic and how love is the answer. So now we’re going to propose a few questions that will be asking them while we are going, and they are, why did I pick the love to start with, how love can empower us under also through our challenges, how can I shift my emotions from fear to a love why love is the easiest solution to our problems.

Now, I’m sure you are experiencing what everyone is going through at this period of time, listening to the news and media is creating such a tremendous amount of confusion and fear between pointing fingers on who is responsible for where we are right now, judging the situation, analyzing our future and how is our reality going to be… Come on, can you imagine what kind of emotions we are creating, fear, stress, uncertainty, it could be anything…. But definitely not love.

So, let’s start and think, what is the definition of love?

What does love mean?

So, and if you look carefully at the word love and try to analyze what is the emotion of love, you will notice that the love is a vibration or an emotion that has been created just by a single thought, and as we all know, the vibration is the lost language to communicate with the universe, this is not a spirituality, by the way, this is physics, the universe always will respond to your vibe negative or positive. It does not really matter.

The universe is the mirror to your emotions.

So we’re going to take this example, it’s a very simple example, you run into a friend, and this friend, once you see him, he always gives you a positive feeling, he can do nothing, say nothing, just by him being a present, he can affect your vibrations by feeling good or bad, and this is what we’ll talk about when we say the universe does really respond to our vibration, whatever you project, the universe will pick on it.

So, you can imagine if you are projecting fear, what will the universe will be responding back, and if you are projecting love, what will the universe will be responding back.

And I do believe love is extremely powerful, and because it’s simple, the people, they do not really just can’t understand how powerful it is.

The other day I was discussing with my brother-in-law, his name is Amer, the situation of Covid-19 what is happening and what’s going around? And I was telling him, the easiest way for us to get out of this is to spread love. And not pointing fingers. And he was like, what you mean by spreading love? Exactly.

So, I told him, if you had a T-Mobile customer, can you or be hooked with AT&T towers? He said No.

So, I told him, I continued what I’m saying, if you are vibrating love, you can never be hooked with the same frequencies that created this situation where we are right now. So, he was like, true; “love is powerful. But it isn’t the answer. Sending love and not doing anything, this is what you call it, and answer” I told him; “of course, you are doing something, you are stepping away allowing the universe to do her work, releasing the energy and infuse it with love, it can be an answer for the universe now, to step in and do her job.”

I can hear you now.

You are saying, is it that simple? And I will tell you, it is simple, but our brain doesn’t want to believe it does not want to lose control, he doesn’t want you to believe that your heart is powerful and is capable to change your situation, so now another question that will come into your head and you will tell me, Okay, how can I shift my emotion from fear to love, and here I will invite you to try this simple technique, just find a quiet space or a place that no one would interrupt you, and you can feel that you can close your eyes with peace and quietness.

Now you found this space. Sit down. place your hand on your heart.

Why I ask you to do this because now you are giving the order to your heart to be the lead. Your senses are all going to go towards your heart and you are going to be more aware with your breath and your emotions, close your eyes, breathe in and breathe out for a few seconds, just feel the air, going-in out. Breathe-in, and out. Breathe love. There is lots of love in the air.  Breathe this love release the fear. Breathe love, release fear.

And now I think of someone that you care about, that once you think about…

Him, her, she, it….

It will do something to your heart, it will elevate some kind of positivity.

Now you are shifting your state of vibration from negative to positive, now use more your imagination. Expand this love from your heart to your family, just feel these energies are expanding and going to your family, expand more to your neighbors, wider to your city, wider to your state, wider to your country…

And be aware, why you are doing this, to keep breathing…… Breathe in and out…. In and out and relax.

Feel yourself, that you that release all the bad energies that were stuck in your body out by just beating in and out… Can you feel the difference? Can you feel how it is now you are…. Now, you are projecting love to your surrounding and you’re touching everyone with these vibrations, and what you’re going to be receiving back is love, it could be by an info that will enhance your awareness regarding the situation, it could be by feeling more piece inside your heart, it could be just anything. Just allow the universe to surprise you.

Now, you have your power back, the power of love, the power of creation, the power of being aware with your emotions.

Now, we did reach the end of this podcast, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me.

I hope that I was able to shift your emotions and have you back on track with your true self; “the love”

Our next episode, will be about intuition, since we’re talking about love, intuition can be the best topic to start with after love, until next time, be aware that you are loved, you are safe, and you are the creator, loads of not from my heart to yours..

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