1 When Spirituality Meets Reality At NuDreem, our mission is to share love, create change and contribute to a positive future by infusing the universe with positive vibes through our app, book, podcast and more. Reem, the creator of NuDreem, leads the company in accordance with her vast personal experiences, intuition and vision. 2 Free shipping on purchases of 75 $ or more Pantagea Store
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3 The "NuDreem With Reem" Podcast In her weekly podcast, Reem tells stories that share what she’s learned about meditation, communicating with God and manifesting. She teaches her listeners how to become more powerful and intentional creators, teachers and leaders in every aspect of their lives.

About NuDreem

In 2017, Reem, the stay-at-home mother of three, had a vision for an app that could connect the world through positive vibes. She began putting together a team of creative and technical experts from around the world and we got to work to make her inspiring vision a reality. Since then our team has continued to achieve successful results nonstop that are guided by Reem’s intuition, experiences and vision to help others share the love and create a positive future by spreading positive vibes.

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Free shipping on purchases of 75 $ or more

Pantagea App

Pantagea is a media platform that creates a coherence between your brain, your heart and the world around you and allows you to be part of the change in your own life and in challenges happening around the planet.

Not a Follower

“This book is a beautiful guidebook and blueprint for manifesting. Reem has figured out an amazing method of influencing the laws and energies of the universe.”

—Mike Bryan, Olympic Gold-Winning Tennis Professional

“Please share your questions, opinions or inspirations with us.”