Divine Energy

We are entering a new era, where our old reality doesn’t match our new reality. The time for a new belief system to be built and a new behaviour would be required to implement.

Our mission

At this time, we are being guided to step in, hold your hand, open your eyes, recognize your true potential, empower your intuition, expand your heart, and reawaken your divine essence. Transform your old reality into your new reality.

Unleash your potential to find yourself, create a space for you to shine and transform, guide you to the door of new awareness of yourself, heal your heart, and create your new reality with tools that support your new you.

Love is the answer, unity is your destination, and trusting yourself will be your path.

Become the new "you"

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?
Are you ready to trust yourself?
And are you ready to be the new YOU?
Are you ready to heal and forgive your past?
Are you ready to be responsible for creating and manifesting your reality?
Are you ready to build your own vision?
Creating a balanced life and healthy environment for your future,
Challenging yourself to get the best out of your divinity.

Seeking a healthy and safe world starts from YOU!
Are you ready for the change?

NuDreem Sessions

About the Sessions

What inspired Reem to build this program?

As a wife and a mom of 3 girls, I went through my own challenges in search of discovering myself. I have to admit I thought it was going to be an easy ride.

I didn’t realize my search was going to open up the pathway to waking up my soul, discovering my own true self, creating my vision and unfolding gifts.

One main thing I became aware of while embarking my journey, is that, the HEART carries all the answers.

Through providing Sacred Sessions, I was noticing how we subconsciously lost our way of listening to our hearts, stopped receiving the answers, and the guidance that we need to fulfill our purpose and create the life we deserve.

Each one of us embarks their own journey, where there is no good or bad, right or wrong, sad or happy. Everything around us is simply a mirror to our soul. Taking responsibility and the decision to change starts from you!

Your heart has all the answers. Being able to reread your past and present you are empowering yourself to rewrite your future.

What made Reem name the program “ Activating Divine Energy”?

If you had the chance to read the book I wrote, “ Not A Follower” you will already have an idea that before we start creating any new project, I have to tune into the energy of it. I take the idea in to my heart and listen to the voice that comes from within, and what I heard was ‘Activating Divine Energy.’

Hearing the phrase ‘Divine Energy,’ was unexpected and surprising to me. I didn’t understand what it meant and symbolized.

I later learned that, the ‘Divine Energy’ is within all of us, the masculine and the feminine. It does not differentiate gender.

As we dove deeper into understanding the meaning of ‘Divine Energy,’ we received more information and understanding of how we can use it in service.

Divine feminine energy is a missing piece in the heart that is equal to the pineal gland in the brain.

The pineal gland, connects you with other realms and space, while the feminine energy, connects you back to Source.

It is the time for us as a human, to gain back our powers to connect to the Source, where everything starts from.

What is our intention of the program?

We need to acknowledge where we currently are, accept it, and respect the time it takes for the divine feminine energy to be reactivated as we work through it together.

Empowering your HEART is the answer.

Sacred Session

“Tap into the divine and let God lead the way.”

In these sessions, we understand that the answer is in the heart. Our job is simply to release energy, clear blockages, and let your higher self unfold the gift meant for you. We call these Sacred Sessions because of the high level of energy involved. This is your first big step into the unknown. Be ready for your world to open to a new dimension.

#of sessions /  hours : 1 session / 2hrs

Activating Divine Energy

“Your transformation is unfolding.

Join the movement.”

Due to the individualized nature of our program, “Activating Divine Energy” sessions are unique to your personal journey. This is not a one-size fits all program. We build and schedule sessions according to your intention and provide coaching and tools that will work for you. This is your evolution, we are here to inspire your inner wisdom and potential, and help you step into the life you are seeking.

Includes one sacred session.

#of sessions /  hours : 4 sessions / 5 hrs.


Can I Reschedule or Cancel a Session?

a – Sacred Session

* Yes. You can reschedule 72 hours in advance.
You must send a reschedule email to [email protected] 72 hours in advance for this update.
We can’t reschedule sessions with less than 72 hours left; we are sure we will all respect this in terms of time management.

* Yes. You can cancel, but you cannot get a refund. Once you register for Sacred Session, your donation automatically reaches the institution, and a certificate is issued in your name. But don’t worry, your donation will make a difference by touching lives, and we are grateful to you.
You must send a reschedule email to [email protected] 72 hours in advance for this update.
We can’t reschedule sessions with less than 72 hours left; we are sure we will all respect this in terms of time management.

b – Reactivating Divine Feminine Energy

Yes. You can cancel or reschedule 72 hours in advance. For this, you must send a reschedule or cancellation email to [email protected] 72 hours in advance.
We can’t cancel or reschedule sessions with less than 72 hours left; we are sure you will all respect this in terms of time management.

Our Clients Say

M.B.Melbourne, Australia

Reem, thank you so much for your help & guide through the healing session .. it really helped me to be more aware.. more understanding to what had happened & what’s happening in my life .. it did help me to trust & understand my inner energy & feelings more .. thank you

ErsegunToronto, Canada

I am grateful to Reem and the program for the positive transformation in my life that took place in such a short period of time. It is a great chance to remember and regain the balances that we have forgotten in our lives. Thank you!

EbruFort Lauderdale, FL

I gained a deeper understanding of what it means to recover and regain balance after participating in this program. Your program has made a lasting impact on my life, and I'm grateful!

S.E.24, AZ

Overall, Reem has been a HUGE part of my healing journey, and if it wasn’t for her soul sessions and guidance that we did, I don’t know where I would be right now. I now trust myself more, able to recognize unresolved emotions, have more clarity and direction in my soul journey. I highly recommend her!!

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