About Nudreem

About Nudreem

In 2017, Reem, the stay-at-home mother of three, had a vision for an app that could connect the world through positive vibes. She began putting together a team of creative and technical experts from around the world and we got to work to make her inspiring vision a reality. Since then our team has continued to achieve successful results nonstop that are guided by Reem’s intuition, experiences and vision to help others share the love and create a positive future by spreading positive vibes.

Pantagea was the first step in Reem’s vision. Pantagea is a mobile app designed to bring people together with love and positive intention as they share good vibes around the world. It’s very different from other social media apps because we believe that while so many people are “connected” via today’s social media, they still feel alone, distanced, and disconnected.  Pantagea is our way of helping build a “World in Unity.”

Reem’s next step was to write her book. You can learn more about manifesting, talking to God and how Pantagea came to be in Not a Follower: A DIY Guide to Manifesting, Discovering Yourself, and Creating Your Future.

Reem then set out to create a podcast. Listen to her weekly show, NuDreem with Reem, for entertaining stories; inspiring wisdom; and plenty of tips for manifesting, talking to God, and navigating daily life.

Stay in touch to see where Reem’s intuition and vision lead us next.

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